Unique Investments

As the percentage of B2B receivables defaulting on payment in Singapore and globally is 1.9% and 1.6% respectively, based on this type of low-risk investment, the typical returns will generally be higher for investors. This type of investment opportunities can now be offered through PITFACTOR to our investors.

Accurate information and total transparency

All information provided by our suppliers are verified for authenticity for you to make your own investment decisions. All financial information provided by our suppliers are certified and audited officially.

Portfolio diversification

Although the risk of suppliers defaulting on payment is at a low of 1.9% in Singapore, we still encourage investors to diversify their portfolio to spread out their risk as a form of good investment practice. We have set the minimum investment sum to as low as $100, which can be invested into each invoice. With this diversification, you will not have to put all your “eggs into one basket”.

Our Commitment

PITFACTOR is an online platform created for both investors and suppliers to enjoy the benefits of Crowdfactoring. We are committed to giving our investors opportunities for lower-risk investments, total freedom of choice, accurate information, total transparency and to diversify your investment portfolio. Our commitment to SMEs are to provide you with the most effective way of financing invoices, total transparency, discreet financing and flexibility.

Freedom of choice

At PITFACTOR, we understand that your financial priorities may change at any point in time, and our business is built on this belief. Should you have any ongoing investments with us and want to liquidate your investments immediately, you can post them on the exchange. As soon as another investor buys over your investment, you will get back your principle investment capital and any interest that you have accumulated during your investment period.

We also provide you with a selection of invoices to choose from. Filter through the available invoices up for financing based on credit rating, interest rates and term of financing. Invest in as many invoices as you feel comfortable with.

PITFACTOR will not impose any charges nor fees whenever you want to liquidate your investments and withdraw your earnings. However, bank charges still apply.